Apr 23 - SwitchGear climbing the charts! 

Hey we just caught this but we are very pleased right now with our Reverbnation rankings.  Sweet to see some big names around us like Tim Hicks and Jason McCoy!

#1 locally for all genres
#12 in Canada for Country music
#186 globally for Country music

Jan 5 - A New Year! 

Yes indeed a new year 2014.  Wow looking at the last new post, I'd say we are a bit behind in updates.  No worries at all the SwitchGear machine is still rolling after a great holiday season.  We hope ya'll had a great Xmas!  Big news is that we pulled up our socks and are in the process of recording our 2nd album.  We do have a few sample tracks on the home page just as a sneak peak.  Some new material is being rehearsed and will be included in our summer schedule (which we are currently booking).  Summer shows are rolling in and will be added to the tour page when we are allowed to let the cat out of the bag!  Stay classy GearHeadz!

June 28 - SwitchGear wins Seeker Award 

What a great way to start our Canada Day long weekend.  SwitchGear is proud to share that we have won The Seeker's award for Musical Artist of the Year 2013 by the province.  Thanks to all of our families, friends, fans, clients and voters who have supported us.  We couldn't do it without you team!  Here's to another year of music !

Jan 17 - Bring on 2013! 

Bring on 2013!  Hey gang we hope everyone had a great holiday season.  We are enjoying a little time off in January for R&R. SwitchGear is looking forward to an exciting 2013 with some big summer shows booked and we are ramping up some new music, top secret stuff!  February we are back at it again with the shows and a few fundraisers to boot.  Thnx to everyone's continued support........SG out!

Dec 16 - HUGE New Year's Eve Gala 

 HUGE NEW YEARS EVE GALA with WINSTON MARLEY and your hosts SWITCHGEAR over in the salons @ The Complex! Hey you won't want to miss this. How about entertainment with DJ MITCH GAGNE spinning the grooves, followed by not one but TWO excellent local bands playing LIVE! Prizes will be given away of course like a pair of Lady Gaga floor tickets in Montreal in February. Check out the price, one ticket for $15 in advance or TWO tickets for $25 so hookup with someone!

Get your tickets now from the River Kings office @ the Complex OR from any band member OR call Jamie 613-551-9237 to secure some tickets. You can also message us on any social network to get tickets. Sign up on the Facebook event.

Doors open at 8pm casual dress and be sure there will be dancing. No prisoners will be taken. Come help us bring in 2013 with a BANG! You won't be disappointed.

Nov 20 - What's the Scoop? Fall/Winter update 

Wow where has the time gone? After taking some time off from our busy summer, let's get some up updates from the SwitchGear camp shall we?

Big news! SwitchGear teamed up with the City of Cornwall and Playmaker Studios to make our debut video come to life! Yes indeed, goto youtube and check it out or have a look around the website, it's posted a few times haha. We hope you guys like it!

With the nice weather, Xmas season will prove to be a busy month as we have a bunch of shows lined up in December. Hopefully you GearHeadz will be able to come and check us out and say Hi!

We are also working hard on our upcoming summer festival season and....hrmm, we can smell the ribs and pulled pork now ;)

BTW, have you purchased our debut CD yet? You can sample the tunage on our home page, how sweet is that!

LIKE us, tweet us, email us, iTunes us, YouTube us.......jump on board!

July 30 - SwitchGear on MYFM "Sessions" radio 

Hey GearHeadz, our friends over at MYFM radio recently aired a phone interview with JC Kerosene as part of the MYFM Sessions radio show.  JC and host Rob Macleod talked about SwitchGear along with airplay of Country in the City, Nowhere To Hide and With Her Boots On all from our debut CD.  We have a full version including the 3 songs and a lite version that focuses on the interview itself.

Full version (17 min.) MYFM_sessions_full_128.mp3

Lite Version (6 min.)  MYFM_sessions_lite.mp3

July 27 - SwitchGear visits CJSS 101.9FM 

A few of the SwitchGear guys made an appearance at the CJSS 101.9 FM station to help the DJ hosts kick off the 2012 Cornwall Seaway Lions Club Ribfest on their Breakfast Buzz morning show. SwitchGear opens for Abbamania Saturday night and we played a small acoustic bit of One More Kiss from our debut album "Country in the City" and our frontman Jamie even took a phone call-in from a diehard fan! SwitchGear_CJSS_radio.mp3